wazUPwidis 2017 – Parking Garages, Stairs and Minions, oh my!

The wazUPwidis has come and gone.  Thank you for coming out to one our biggest achievements/events.  This has been a great race to conceptualize and then see come to reality.  To see the results go here – http://www.mountainjunkies.net/results/

If you received an award and weren’t able to stick around to get it, we will have them at our office, Gilbert Chiropractic for the next 2 weeks, after that they go into the mix for next year.

Mountain Junkies launch new website

Out with the old and in with the new.  Check out our new website.  In effort to get with the times and become more compatible with mobile devices we’ve updated our site.  Take a look and let us know how it looks and operates.  If you see something you’d like added or think could use a tweak, please let us know.

Slowly we’ll be adding training options for the different trail locations.  If you have a good Garmin or Strava file you think is worthy, we will put it up.  Just send me the details and unlock it for everyone to access.

Thanks for visiting!

Upcoming Events

2016 Tentative Schedule
* 01/09/16 – Frozen Toe 10k
   02/06/16 – wazUPwidis
* 03/05/16 – Explore Your Limits 5/10k
* 03/26/16 – Montvale Park 5/10 Miler
* 04/09/16 – Mill Mountain Mayhem 10k
* 05/07/16 – Trail Nut 10k & Half Marathon
* 06/05/16 – Conquer the Cove 25k and Marathon
   06/19/16 – RNUTS Social and Awards Ceremony – You have to be in the series to get the invite.
* Designates an RNUTS Event
RNUTS Results Rules and Eligibility