Gallop 4 the Greenways – Weather Update New Routes

Weather Related Updates for Saturday;

Dear Gallop Participants:
Change of Plans: The Gallop 4 the Greenways 4-miler, Adventure Triathlon and 1.5 mile walk routes are changing due to the forecast of high water. View the new routes later today on and we’ll see you tomorrow at River’s Edge Sports Complex!

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to meeting you and cheering you on this Saturday as we celebrate the Roanoke Valley Greenways.

A little Chestnut Ridge History Lesson

Seems like this info has slowly made it around the community of trail users looping around Chestnut Ridge.

The area was once mined for iron ore.  Once you consider this, the trail on the west side of the parkway spur starts to take on a different look.

As I find info on it I’ll try to post it here or to the Frozen Toe page.  But John Carlin did a good write up here –