2007 Asheville, Greenville SC, Atlanta, and Chattanooga

2007 4th of July Trip – Asheville, Greenville SC, Atlanta, and Chattanooga

Kitsuma – If you are headed to Asheville, I would hit this trail on the way.  It is in Ridgecrest just outside of Asheville.  This is one crazy trail.  It has 12+ rideable switchbacks in the first 1.25 miles.  This leads into some ridge riding and then a nice fast downhill into a park.  In the back of the park there is an old abandoned road leading back up to the top of the mountain and where you parked.  Got directions from the trail reviews on www.mtbr.com

Dupont State Forest – South of Asheville between Brevard and Hendersonville.  I took the info off the IMBA epic rides link.  We hooked up with some locals for a great ride.

Paris Mountain – Greenville SC – This is a pretty decent park just north of Greenville.  Started at the mtn. and then rode all the trails.

Dahlonega – North of Atlanta GA – I took the info off the IMBA epic rides link.  We hit this place after a hard rain.  The terrain held up pretty well wet, but the overcast skies took a lot of the end of the day riding away.  We’d like to get back here for some more riding.

Bottom Creek – Different trails that gradually increase in difficulty.  Nice easy riding.  Well maintained park.

Carter Lake – Nice 5-6 mile loop.  This loop is part of a local mtn. bike race.  It was a really fast and loop with some short steeps.

Tanasi – Ocoee Whitewater Center outside of Chattanooga TN.  I took the info off the IMBA epic rides link. This is a network of 3 single track loops joined together by jeep roads.  Fun ride.  We saw a black bear from about 15 feet away (we waved, took a picture, and were on our way).  Ran into a couple at the parking lot that ran into two bears eating blackberries.  One was laying on it’s back sprawled out pulling the berries down toward it’s mouth and the other was laying down on it’s stomach.

Racoon Mountain – Chattanooga TN – Man were we tired by the time we got here.  This is a gem.  There has been a ton of work done  around this reservoir.  Lots of great rolling single track.  1000’s of hours have been put into this area.  They are constantly adding trail here.  Highly recommended.  This place has been mentioned quite a few times on the IMBA site and in their quarterly publications.

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