Conquer the Cove Marathon Course Description

Marathon Course Description (3504ft of elevation gain):

For those of you looking for the last step before trying an Ultra Marathon, this is it.  You will get everything an Ultra has in 5 less miles.  This course should give you the challenge, mentally and physically, that you need to be able to finish a 50k.

Elevation Profile

The race will start and end at the green gate at the end of Timberview Road –

Go through the green gate and then take a left onto the Trough.  This is a 1.13 mile steep climb.  This will bring you to the Brushy Mountain Fire Road.  Here you will take a left for .4 miles to Buck which is on your right – 1.59 Miles.  Buck starts out as a steep rocky downhill and then rolls for a total of 1.26 miles.  At this point you will take a right onto Hotel for 1.14 miles (Important Note – about a 1/4 mile on Hotel, a new trail will intersect to the right, don’t take that, but instead, stay left and on Hotel to the next trail intersection).  At the next trail intersection you will take a right onto Hi-Dee-Hoe for .3 miles until you veer left onto the 4 Gorge Trail.  This is a 2.38 mile rolling up and down trail.  This will take to Brushy Mtn. Fire Road – 6.68 Miles.  From here you will continue straight on 4 Gorge Extension for .96 miles.  This will take you to the top of Tuck-a-Way where you will take a left.  Tuck-a-Way is a .82 mile trail that is gradually downhill, minus one short steep hill, that you can roll through with lots of speed.  This will take you to the 4 Way where you will head straight on Enchanted Forest.  You will be on this trail for .64 miles where it has been rerouted to the Happy Valley Road (HVR) where you will take a right – 9.1 miles.  Keep to the right until you get to the very scenic second half of the pine forested Enchanted Forest trail for .42 miles.  This will take you back to HVR where you will take a right followed by an immediate left onto the .3 mile Little Bell.  This is a beautiful .3 mile section of pine needle covered trail that will take you back to HVR.  Here you will continue straight across HVR onto the 1.82 mile Schoolhouse.   At the end you will again come to the halfway point at HVR – 11.67.  Here you will take a left and stay on the gravel road for 1.08 miles until you come to Arrowhead on your right. Arrowheads trail starts out on one of my favorite sections as it follows the creek.  It will continue to go up and down as you navigate 4 creek crossings.  In total this is a rolling 1.63 mile trail.  At it’s end you will come to HVR.  Stay to the right as the entrance to Songbird will quickly be on your right – 14.44 miles.  Songbird is a flowy trail that starts out with an uphill for the first .26 mile section where it comes to a gravel road which you will cross and continue on for the remaining 1.91 miles until it takes you to HVR again.  Here you will take a right, staying on the gravel road, until you see the trail map kiosk on your left.  At this gravel road junction, you will take a left and continue on the Brushy Mountain Fire road and the 1000ft climb for the next 2.89 miles – 16.78 miles.  Here you will experience the long long long 1000ft climb where you will most likely question your sanity, for entering this event, at least once (warning; this section may make entrants cuss, shake their fist at the sky, or lie down while slamming their hands and feet into the ground in the act of a tantrum).   Once at the top you will continue downhill on the fire road for another .92 miles to Gauntlet – 20.61 miles.  This is a 2.16 mile fast descent that will have you ready for a flat stretch of trail.  At the bottom you will take a right onto Horse Pen for 1.25 mile.  Horse Pen is a an old access road that will take you on a gradual uphill to the gate, and finish, that you came to at the start of the race.  To make your total race distance that of the official course you can run an out and back on Timberview Road.  The turnaround will be at an iconic landmark located at 2875 Timberview Road.  You will recognize this as the Pegasus house.  Run to the driveway and head back to the parking lot.  If you want to entertain us, take a pic with the Pegasus in the background and send it or tag us in a Facebook post.

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