2010 Gatlinburg

2010 Christmas Trip – Gatlinburg TN

For trail info I use the National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map #229 of the Great Smokey Mountains.  It will give you more than enough trail options to keep you busy on any trip to G’burg.

12/24/10 – Warriors Path State ParkMAP – On our way down to G’burg we decided to run at this park.  Outside of the park proper they have some designated mountain bike trails.  We opted for a 6 mile loop consisting on Darwin’s Revenge, Boneyard, Rock City, and then headed back on Lake Valley Road (access road).  This would be a really nice trail system for both running and biking with rolling to mild hilly terrain with rocks, rock drop offs, and views of the river.  Total trail mileage is in the 10 mile range.

12/25/10 – Old Sugarlands Trail – There was quite a bit of snow that came down overnight causing the closure of the National Park and HWY 441 leading up and over the mountains so we opted for this trail system behind the horse stables.

12/26/10 – The Cove Mountain Trail – It continued to snow non stop since yesterday so we opted to climb up this trail due to it’s easy access behind the Visitors Center.  The ground was covered by 5-8 inches of snow so this was a slow go up the mountain.  The trail starts out on the nature trail behind the VC.  Head left behind the VC on the nature trail, cross the creek and then go towards Cataract Falls.  After you go under the road and then climb the stairs you are on the Cove Mtn Trail.  This trail climbs up the mountain, hugs the park boundary and continues onto Cove Mtn and Laurel Falls.  We went for about 4 miles and then turned around.  This was a wide well maintained trail with numerous waterbars.  The trails was bordered and canopied by rhodedendrons.

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