Smokey Mountain Traverse

The Appalachian Trail travels 72 miles through the Smokey Mountains and to the 2nd highest point east of the Mississippi, Clingman’s Dome (6644′).  The current documented FKTs are;

David Worth holds the supported FKT, 14h50m22s, set May 19, 2011.
Will Harlan has the unsupported FKT, 15h45m07s, also set on May 19, 2011.

We weren’t looking to set any records, just to have fun and get in some good rugged training.  Our 2013 trip was N to S and ended with us not completing the entire route but getting in a strong 64 miles.  In 2014 we came back to complete the task and did a S to N route, taking a wrong turn on day two, and ending up getting in all the AT miles but added 8 to get a total of 80 miles.

2014 Smoky Mountain Traverse – This is a S to N retake from last year’s N to S almost finish of the SMT.  Not only did we finish, this year, but we did almost 11 extra miles in the process (endorphins and too much time looking at the ground were the culprits).  You can get all the facts on this trip and the two 40 mile days from my blog –

2013 Smokey Mountain Traverse – This was a last big training effort in preparation for the San Juan Solstice 50 miler.  I had wanted to do the Appalachian Trail across the Smoky Mountains for quite some time.  This was the perfect reason to do it.  See all the details here –  

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