2015 San Juan Solstice 2.0

This year we were off for our second trip to Lake City Colorado to participate in the San Juan Solstice 50 Miler.  Gina had been dealing with an injury so it was just me running the race and her biking around Lake City and the course on race day.

6/29/15 – We hiked up Handies Pk. from Grizzly Gulch to get in our first 14er.  It was a great hike with amazing views of mountains in all 360 degrees.

6/30/15 – We headed off to Crested Butte for a few days to get in some biking.  For the first day in CB we decided to ride the Teocalli Ridge Trail.  We parked at the West Brush Creek trailhead and biked around 9 miles up to the trail start.  It was a off road climb that gradually got steeper and then to the trail that got steeper again.  It was a rough climb on tired legs but the downhill did not disappoint.  It was a great long long downhill through grassy fields of wildflowers.  At the bottom we made our way to Strand Hill to make our way back to the road and then back to the trailhead.

7/1/15 – We had heard a lot about Doctors Park so we decided to see what it was all about.  We parked at the first trailhead sign on Spring Creek Road (sign on the left).  From here it was around a 10 mile climb up to the beginning the the trail.  It was a nice steady climb through the valley made by the creek.  As the road started to even out we crossed the creek and headed up a bit more to the trail start.

We rode Doctors Park to Doctors Bonus, which came back around to the main trail where it was a wild fast downhill for around 10 miles.  I’m pretty sure this my favorite down hill.  It went forever, had numerous fast and flowy sections, a couple of technical spots, and great scenery the entire way.  I would highly recommend hitting this trail.

7/2/15 – Our legs were starting to get fried so we did a short ride on the Snodgrass Trail.  This was a short 3.6 miles of a climb followed by rolling trail through Alpines and finished with a nice down hill.  From there we rode the back roads back to Mount Crested Butte to see what was going on at the resort.

7/3/15 – We headed back to Boulder for one last day of playing and being tourists.  We started our day by doing an out and back on the Eldorado Canyon Trail at Eldorado Canyon State Park.  We got to the park around 9am and we were lucky.  The park was quickly filling up and had a huge line to get in when we finished up.  There were tons of people there to climb on the rocky cliffs and to hike the trails.

We hiked up the ECT trail to where it intersected with the Walker Ranch Loop Trail and then headed back.

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