We used to visit www.spokejunkies.com for information on these places.  This site actually gave us the idea for our name, Mountain Junkies LLC and it is what started my desire to make a site with Roanoke area trail information.  But time hasn’t been kind to spokejunkies and it seems like the site has disappeared.  The site had a lot of information on Ohio, West Virginia, and Michigan trails.  

Lake Hope – West of Athens – Multi-use

This place could have used some trail work.  There was a lot of new growth that smacked us in the face.  Once we got out on some of the more well used trails, things were better.  I enjoyed the ride.  It was similar to the cove.

Alum Creek Phase I and II – North of Columbus – Multi-use

This place was located just north of Columbus OH.  I really enjoyed this trail.  It was very well planned out.   Throughout the ride there were places where the trail split, with an advanced option one way and an easy option the other.  There were a bunch of ladder bridges and log climbs.  Not much elevation gain either.  Easy on the aerobic system unless you ride it super fast.

Vulture’s Knob – Wooster – THIS PLACE IS A MUST.  Multi-use

There aren’t many places that are as unique as Vulture’s Knob.  Recently I tried to visit their webpage and nothing came up.  I can’t imagine that this placed has closed.  I’d do a search or talk to a local before I made an attempt to  go here.  Check out some of the reviews on www.mtbr.com or do a Google search.  Also there are a few www.youtube.com videos of the park.  You have to see it to believe it.  FUN, FUN, FUN.  Great place for taking pictures.  I do give a poison ivy alert!

Mohican State Park – West of Loudenville – Multi-use

One of the only places I’ve ridden in OH with real climbs.  This area has some nice trails that travel through old growth forest.  As of 2006 they were working on some new trail in the area.  Locals talked about a potential 30+ miles.

West Branch – East of Ravenna – Multi-use

This is one of my favorite places to ride.  There are a couple different types of terrain in this park.  One section hugs the lake and meanders back and forth around the water and in out of coves.  Then there are the moderate and advanced trails.  These trails require some real skill.  There are tons of rocks in this area and they will keep you on your toes.  You have to have balance and the ability to put your bike where you want it.  There are logs to ride and some small planks to ride across.  If your in the area, you have to stop by this place.  It is well mapped and marked.

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