Glenwood Horse Trail

Glenwood Horse Trail (GHT) – This is a 65+ mile network of advanced single track and jeep roads along the Blue Ridge Parkway from Natural Bridge Station to Camp Bethel outside of Nace.  I like the National Geographic Trails Illustrated map #789 for these trails.

Map #1 and #2 of the Hellgate 100k Trail run.  I participated in the first year of this race in 2003 and finished 9th.  This race starts at 12:01am on the second Saturday in December.  There isn’t another trail ultra quite like it.

Common loops I run/ride:

From the Day Creek Day

You can also access these loops from other places;

  • Just past camp Bethel you will come to a 4-way intersection.  You can park here run each of these routes – Google Map
  • Bobblets Gap on the BRP – Google Map
  • At Black Horse Gap on the BRP – Google Map

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