Roanoke Trails

Roanoke Area Trails – This is a compilation of trails within an hour radius of Roanoke.  Listings that have more detailed information are linked to the bottom of the page.  To get info on other trails in Virginia go to the Others Trails Page I’ve tried to list the trails below in order of increasing distance from Roanoke City.

Before Heading out you may want to familiarize yourself with the Rules of the Trail and understand that bikes must yield to other users.  For the Full Story read the following on Trail_Etiquette.

For trails to get better and better we need more help.  1000s of hours have been donated by local volunteers in an effort to create and maintain trails.  Find some time to give back.  Contact Pathfinders (click on Volunteer) to find out how you can help on the designated work days around Roanoke.  If you don’t have time, you can always donate (donations to Pathfinders are tax deductible).

Disclaimer:  Trail activities are physically demanding and may result in injury due to falls, cuts, bites, burns, over exertion, weather conditions, etc.  You should not undertake this activity unless you are in proper physical condition and have the necessary skills, equipment, etc.  You assume all the risks, including those not foreseeable, involved in participation in this activity.

Trail ratings assume one is in reasonable hiking shape! Moderate easily becomes difficult to strenuous if one is not in shape, and conversely, a harder rating becomes much easier if one hikes a great deal.

These directions were accurate at the time they were recorded.  However, trail conditions change, signs are vandalized, droughts cause water sources to dry up, etc. Be prepared for the unexpected.

Trail users can never be over prepared and it is recommended that you always carry water, food, flashlight, rain gear, appropriate clothing, first aid kit, map, compass, and matches.  Also recommended are a cell phone, toilet paper, and alcohol wipes

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