Conquer the Cove 25k Course Description

25k Course Description (2440ft of elevation gain – 4880ft of elevation change):

This year’s course will be run in the “normal” direction.

For those of you looking for the last step before trying a Trail Marathon, this is it.  This course should give you the challenge, mentally and physically, that you need to be able confidently enter a road or trail marathon.

Race Map

Elevation Profile

Strava Route

Mileage Spreadsheet

Although there isn’t a time limit or cut-off for the 25k this isn’t a race for walkers. We have an expectation that all entrants will, at the minimum, run/jog the flats and downhills and be able to make it to Water Stop 2 (mile 8.41) in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Course Description and Aid Station Plan
Runners will leave Sherwood Archers and run onto Timberview Road heading to the Cove. At the end of Timberview Road (Mile 1.72) runners will go through the gate and then take a left onto the Trough.  This is a 1.13 mile steep climb.  This will bring you to the Brushy Mountain Fire Road.  Here you will take a left for .4 miles to Buck and the “Overconfidence Gap” aid station (AS #1 – 3.32 Miles – water only).  Buck starts out as a steep rocky downhill and then rolls for a total of 1.26 miles.  At this point you will take a right onto Hotel for 1.14 miles.  At the next trail intersection you will take a right onto Hi-Dee-Hoe for .3 miles until you veer left onto the 4 Gorge Trail.  This is a 2.38 mile rolling up and down trail.  This will take to Brushy Mountain Fire Road and the “Oasis” aid station (AS #2 – 8.41 Miles – water, “energy drink”, food) where you will take a right and start climbing for 2.41 miles to the top of the 1000ft climb.

This is an important spot on the course because the Marathoners will continue heading straight for their 10 mile loop and the 25k runners will head right onto the 1000ft climb.

From the top you will have a .92 mile descent to Gauntlet and the “Are We There Yet” aid station (AS #7 –  10.82 Miles – water, “energy drink”, food).  This is a 2.16 mile fast descent that will have you ready for a flat stretch of trail.  At the bottom you will take a right onto Horse Pen for 1.25 mile.  Horse Pen is a an old access road that will take you to the gate that you came to at the start of the race.  Go through the gate and you will be at the “Feets Don’t Fail Me Now” aid station (WS #8 – 15.15 – water only) and then continue on Timberview Road until you reach the entrance back into Sherwood and the finish.

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