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IMG_0474We are Josh and Gina Gilbert.  Our persona Monday-Thursday is that of doctor and office manager of Gilbert Chiropractic, a referral based practice that sees families and athletes.  During the weekend we become Mountain Junkies.

Mountain Junkies L.L.C. has been constantly evolving since it was created in 2007.   Things might look routine but we are constantly working behind the scenes coming up with new ideas and keeping miles of trail in good condition.

Gina and I officially became Mountain Junkies back in 2001.  That year, our free time got taken up by miles upon miles of trails while trail running and mountain biking.  We had the fortunate opportunity to meet up with Ronny Angell of Odyssey Adventure Racing.  He lured us away from our life of lifting weights at the gym and the occasional hike, to our first run up to McAfee’s Knob (parking lot to peak, in less than an hour).   Four months later Josh ran the Holiday Lake 50k, and we haven’t slowed down since.

In 2007 we began work on a new interest, promoting and organizing events.  Since that time our goal has been simple, we want to bring what we love to do, to people like us, and to hold unique, fun, and challenging off road events that push your boundaries.  With the help of a handful of friends and volunteers we have had a great time.  We appreciate you coming out to play with us and your love for the outdoors.  We hope to continue to bring you new and exciting challenges as we continue to evolve.

In addition, to event promotion we want this website to be a valuable tool for locals and visitors to the Roanoke Valley.  As we have traveled around to different areas we noticed that the best recreational experience was achieved in areas that had easy to find trail information.  It was from these trips that we decided to create a website with trail information of the Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas and a platform to promote our lifestyle and events.

We are constantly looking for new challenges for you and in discussion with area land managers about holding unique, fun, and challenging races at beautiful venues.  If you have a suggestion about a location or type of event that you are interested in, please send us a note.  We’re open to any ideas or suggestions you have.

Mountain Junkies LLC
26 West Main Street
Salem, VA 24153

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