Covid-19 Race Details

Covid-19 Race Details

(updated 12/29/21)
I decided to put a page together for our Covid-19 approach since things are constantly changing and it is hard to keep multiple race pages current ).

As of now we anticipate being able to have all of our events.  We may have to change things along the way but as long as we stay in Phase 3 things should be easier for everyone that wants to participate.

For 2022 we plan to (plan because things are still in a state of change);
– Require masks at the start of our events and when you cannot socially distance
– Have a full field, mass starts whenever possible
– Continue to limit our offerings of food and drink post race
– Do awards as soon as possible.  In most cases this will happen while people are still finishing  

Last Guidance before removing limitations. 

Phase III – FIFTH AMENDED NUMBER SEVENTY-TWO (4/21/2021), which limits events to capacity.

Races or marathons must use a ratio of 40 square feet per person to determine occupancy limits – only square footage that is likely to be accessed may be included. For example, a 100,000 square foot race course would have an occupancy load of 2,500 – of which no more than 30% (750 persons) shall be permitted. Indoor race organizers must stagger starts and separate runners into groups of 50 or less. Outdoor races, such as cross country races or marathons where physical distancing of runners can be maintained, may include no more than 100 runners per grouping.

– Packet pickup for each race is greatly encouraged to minimize the volume of people on race day.
Masks – we expect you to bring a mask or a buff with you to the event and expect you to wear one during these times;

  • at the event, when congregating, pre and post race, we expect you to social distance and to wear a mask when around others.
  • During the race we expect you to have a mask or buff.  You will need to use this mask at the start and finish and when at an aid station along the course.

It needs to be restated here that;

if you aren’t feeling well, have a fever or symptoms of COVID-19, or known exposure to a COVID-19 case in the prior 14 days, that you cannot participate in our events.

Our events are chip timed at both the start and finish and they will start in waves in order to spread runners out and eliminate A mass start.  We will do our best to designate the waves by expected finish time or age group.   Runners should stay 6 feet apart at the start line and we’ll have visual and verbal cues as to how we want you to line up at the start.  While waiting for your wave, runners should avoid groups and stay socially distant.

During the race, runners may not run in packs of more than 4.  Do not draft off of other runners.

Preliminary results will not be posted on site in an effort to minimize congregating.  Results will be posted on to the race page under the “Results” tab and a link will be available on our page.

A Typical Phase III race approach (max group size of 250 people);
Runners will be staged in a group of 25-50 (positions will be marked out in the starting area).
– Lines will be spaced out into rows.
– Runners will be started in small groups
– As each group leaves the starting area, other runners will take their spots and move forward with each wave.
– After the race there will be one prepackaged water bottle given to each finisher.
– You are encouraged to bring your own water and food for after the event.
– Results will be done on site as soon as possible following the last finisher.

Phase II approach, in case we move backwards to this phase (max group size of 50 people);
– Runners will be grouped into small groups of 5-10 (each group will be given a specific start time).
– There will be no post-race food or drink.
– You are expected to be self-sufficient.
– To minimize group size and congregating, we recommend you leave the race after you have run the course and had time to cool down.
Awards will not be done on site. We’ll post official results as soon as possible after the event and offer times to pick up awards over the 2 weeks following the event.


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