Into the Darkness Course Info

Race Course Description;

The race course is a mix of paved and grassy roads that lead into intermediate single-track trail.  We start you out on a road so that you have time to spread out before hitting the the trail.  From there it is a matter of following the person in front of you are the many reflective tacks, glowsticks or trail decor that we have set out for your amusement.

Detailed course description;
The race starts on the main road coming in from the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The start is at the gate at the top of the hill as you enter the park.

You will run down the asphalt road leading to the river (1.18 miles)  –  This is a fast down hill on asphalt until you get down to the river.  Once to the river you will be on a fairly flat grassy road.

Now, up the fire road to the Endurance Loop (.11 mile)  –  This is a STEEP uphill to the trail on a fire/jeep road.  If you aren’t warmed up, this hill will do it.

Next is the Endurance Loop to the Intermediate Biking Trails (1.26 miles)  –  This is a fast fun rolling twisty section of trail.  There are two short sections with some fist sized rocks (some are loose and some are embedded) you’ll need to be careful around the rocks.

This will lead you to the Intermediate Biking Trails (.67 mile)  –  This starts with a fast .4 mile downhill with 5 switchbacks.  From here you will gradually climb to a sharp right hand switchback up .15 mile and then a sharp left hand turn.  This will take you up and out of the intermediate trails and on to the beginner trail.

Now you will cross the road and enter the Beginner Trail (.8 mile)  –  This section of trail is rolling.  About .25 mile into it there is a downhill with 3 switchbacks.  Once out of the beginner trail you will take a left on the asphalt road and head to the finish in front of the Brugh Tavern.

4.02 Miles and 593ft of elevation gain

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