Roanoke Non Ultra Trail Series (RNUTS)

16th Roanoke Non Ultra Trail Series
2024 Rules, Eligibility and Fees

Registration is Open

What is this series all about?  Do you really have to be nuts?  Isn’t this going to a lot of trouble for pumpkin bread and finish line high 5’s?  Will you be joining us for 2024?  

This series has been created to showcase the trails in and around the Roanoke Valley, and if you aren’t already, help turn you into a Mountain Junkie.   We need more of you, to help us feel normal.

What we have for you is a one of a kind experience.  Each of these races are held in beautiful locations, contain different types of trail, possess different levels of challenge, and have been picked to push your limits and provide you with a great trail running experience.

Here is what you will get;

  • Fun, Fun Fun, and probably a healthy dose of mud
  • Well maintained and well marked courses
  • Quick chip timed results
  • Unique overall awards
  • Great food and atmosphere after each race = Pumpkin Bread
  • Results posted to the web the same day as the race, and at most races we’ll have pictures taken and posted for you free of charge.

This series has been set up so that you can comfortably increase your race mileage over the course of the year and/or from year to year.  I hope that many people will use this series as a springboard for taking on ultra events (events longer than 26.2 miles).

Start the New Year off right with the Frozen Toe 10k. This race is on a favorite trail of ours; the Chestnut Ridge Loop Trail, in Roanoke.  Next we have a true backcountry tough event on the Glenwood Horse Trail, the Forever 5 & 10 Milers.  Then we head into the core races we’ve had on the schedule the last since the beginning; a 5k or 10k at the Explore Park, runners can then increase their mileage to run a 5 or 8.4 miler at Montvale Park, then head onto the toughest 10k in Roanoke. A mountainous up and down course on Mill Mountain (This race has the distinction of being voted as the favorite and most hated Mountain Junkies race by our series participants), then onto a 10k or half marathon at at Falling Creek Park in Bedford, and finally finish with the anchor event at Carvins Cove, a 25k or Marathon course that will have you grinning and/or cursing all along the way.

Individual Registration Links;
RNUTS and Bundle Option

01/06/24 – Frozen Toe 10k
01/27/24 – Forever 5 & 10 Milers
02/24/24 – Explore Your Limits 5k & 10k
03/09/24 – Montvale 5 & 8.4 Milers
04/06/24 – Mill Mountain Mayhem 10k
05/04/24 – Trail Nut 10k & Half Marathon
05/26/24 – Conquer the Cove 25k and Marathon

You won’t regret the challenge we’ve created for you.

Each event in the series is a stand alone event.  You don’t have to enter the series to enter our races.  The series was created as an added challenge and setup to help push you and keep you focused throughout the year.

Rules and Eligibility:

  • There is a fee to enter.  This series fee is separate and in addition to the race registration fees.
  • The series fee helps us cover some of the costs associated with;
    • The series finisher award – we are looking at the Marmot Echo Vest
    • Overall and age group awards
    • Series prizes
    • The post series social and awards ceremony.
  • Points are retroactive.  For instance, you do the Frozen Toe and Explore Your Limits and then decide to register for the series, your points for the Frozen Toe and Explore Your Limits will be added retroactively.

Registration Fees – Registration  will be live in early December?
$85.00 for one week – December 11th – (plus online processing fee)
$90.00 between December 12th and January 7th – (plus online processing fee)
$95.00 between January 8th to January 27th – (plus online processing fee)
$100.00 between January 28th to February 25th – (plus online processing fee)
$105.00 after February 25th – (plus online processing fee)

Finishers Award:  You must complete at least 5 races to qualify for the series awards.
All participants entered in the series that finish 5 races will receive, at a minimum, a custom printed/embroidered RNUTS Marmot Echo Vest.  Men will get men’s fit and women will receive a women’s fit award.  We will try to get samples for you to try on.  We want everyone to get something that fits well.

Finishers awards will be given out at the social event following the series.  This will be a group run and cookout and a venue for us to congratulate everyone and pass out the the overall and age group awards (along with, what we hope will be, some sweet door prizes).  We’ll post the details once we decide on a location.  If an award winner is not present at the awards ceremony they will need to make special arrangements to pick up their award.  If you do not attend, awards can be picked up at Gilbert Chiropractic.


  • We will continue with the same point structure as last year;
  • Events with only 1 race distance; Frozen Toe 10k & Mill Mountain 10k will be based off of 25 points.
    • These head to head races can be used as a tie breaker and tend to have a greater impact on the RNUTS point standings.
  • Highest points win.
  • If you do more than 5 races, your best placement in 5 races will be used for tallying the points.
  • Points will be tallied in two different categories, Overall and Age Group (Male overall and Female overall not the combined format).
    • Top 10 runners  overall and in age groups are scored and all other participants will get 2 participation points.
  • Update – Your age group points will be based on your placing in the age group you are in on 1/1/23 (revision 10/10/21).
  • Best of 5 format.
    • If you do more than 5 races, your best placement in 5 races will be used for tallying the points.
    • Virtual Races count as one of your races.
      • You will get the minimum points for virtual events.
  • Running the longer distance is worth more points
    • For Participation in an event with 2 different length races (all but the Frozen Toe & Mill Mountain):
    • The points earned in the longer distance race will be the same as the shorter distance but multiplied by 1.25.
    • For Example:  Explore Your Limits
      • 5k:  1st Place 20 points, 2nd place 18 points, 3rd place 16 points, 10th and below will get 2 points.
      • 10k:  1st Place 25 points, 2nd place 22.5 points, 3rd place 20 points, 10th will get 2.5 points and all other finishers will get 2 points.
    • Participating in a Virtual Race will give you credit for one of the 5 races but you will get the minimum points 2 for all races except 3 for doing a virtual marathon.
    • Due to its difficulty the Conquer the Cove will be as follows.
      • Marathon: 1st Place 30 Points, 2nd place 27 points, 3rd place 24 points and so on, 10th and below will get 3 points.
      • 25k:  1st Place 25 points, 2nd place 22.5 points, 3rd place 20 points, 10th will get 2.5 points and all other finishers will get 2 points.
  • You must finish the race you started 
    • Events like the Explore Your Limits, Montvale, Trail Nut and Conquer the Cove.  You can drop down to the shorter race to avoid getting a DNF.  By dropping down you are only eligible for the minimum points for the overall and group standings.
  • Point Bonus: Participation in all 7 races will give you an added 3 points (this is the amount of points needed to move up 1 place in the standings).
  • Awards:  In addition to the qualifying award for finishing 5 races:
    • Additional awards will be given to the top 3 Overall Men and Women and Overall Masters (40+)
    • A plaque recognizing their achievement.
    • An upgraded performance shirt or jacket.
      • Instead of the above performance shirt these winners will receive a higher quality performance shirt or jacket depending on availability.
      • (Men will get men’s fit and women will receive a women’s fit award.)
    • Additional awards will be given to the 1st-3rd place Male and Female Winners of each Age Division.
      • Custom RNUTS Medals
    • Additional Awards will be added as they are acquired during the series.

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