Added New Maps to the Glenwood Horse Trail page

In an effort to increase the usage of backcountry trails I have added a few maps to the Glenwood Horse Trail page.  These maps and runs are based from the Day Creek Day Use area.  This is a fantastic area with some great training routes that hold up to all kinds of weather.  So when the city parks/trails are muddy and use is inadvisable, you now have a place to go that is about the same distance away.  Check it out

Fab 5k Awards and Pictures

If you were unable to stay for the awards we will have them at Gilbert Chiropractic for the next two weeks – 212 East Main Street, Salem, VA
M & W – 8-11 and 3-6
T & Thurs – 10-1 and 3-6

There were some pictures taken at the start, finish and during the awards.  They will be uploaded to our Facebook Page as soon as we can get them added.