23rd Fab 5k

In just over 2 weeks we’ll be headed to Green Hill Park to direct the 23rd Fab 5k. This isn’t our typical Mountain Junkies event but it is the first we directed as Mountain Junkies LLC, way back in 2007. It is also one of the fastest races in the valley and consistently gets a lot of runners under 18 years of age.

Make your way over to the race page for all the details and to signup – https://mountainjunkies.net/fab-5k/

Conquer the Cove – Prerace announcements

We are really looking forward to tomorrow’s race and giving you a tour of what Carvins Cove has to offer.

The short of it is, we ask that you carpool (pretty please).

There has been a lot of interest in the race this week and yesterday we decided to close registration.  The biggest limitation we have in regards to entrants is parking.  The parking at Loch Haven is limited and we encourage you to not only carpool but to not wait until the last minute to arrive.  There will be a race briefing at 6:10 where we will discuss the course, markings and anything else pertinent to the race that has changed in the last few days.

If you can’t carpool, you should think about meeting someone at the following options and then coming to the race together.

Once at Loch Haven, please park closely to the vehicle next to you. Parking is limited. We will have a couple people at Loch Haven to guide you to where to park.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow and providing a great and memorable experience.

Frozen Toe 10k – Important Announcements

The following is what we’ll call a bad news sandwich.  I won’t bore you with everything that has been going on behind the scenes and keep short and simple.

Good news; Happy New Year to everyone!  Bam, it’s 2019!

Bad news; due to the current government shutdown the National Park Service will not be honoring any of their special use permits.  This means that unless the government shutdown doesn’t end by Wednesday, we will not be able to have the Frozen Toe 10k on the Chestnut Ridge Loop Trail, as it is entirely on NPS land.

Good news; we have been in the process of securing another race venue and will be announcing it as soon as all details are worked out.

Not all participants give us accurate contact information, so if you know of others that are signed up for the event please let them know of the above information and to be on the lookout for another announcement.  A preregistered list can be found here https://mountainjunkies.net/Frozen_Toe_files/Frozen_Toe_PreReg.htm

Special note; unless you have access to an indoor facility that can hold 275 runners, that is near 6.2 miles of trail, please don’t call or email us with questions.  We will make an announcement, with all the updates, as soon as we can.

Packet pickup will remain the same;

Thursday 1/10/19 at Gilbert Chiropractic in Salem – 375-3990; from 10-1 & 3-6.
Friday 1/11/19 at Fleet Feet Sports in Roanoke – 4347 Franklin Road – 777-1166; from 10am-7pm


Josh & Gina Gilbert
Mountain Junkies LLC

Leave it better

What message do we go into the new year with?

We started this in 2017 with a suggestion to “do more” or find a new limit.

Last year was “be a buddy, find a buddy” in an effort to get more people on the trails.

This year the message is, leave it better.

How can you leave it better;

say hi to your fellow trail users

pick up trash from the trail and pack it out

sign up for a volunteer work day

kick sticks or rocks off of the trail

stop to move big sticks and logs off the trail

even go so far as to carry a handsaw with you to remove medium size trees off the trail

Whatever it is, make a difference with your time, use your trail time to leave things in better shape.